Vlastislav Cerveny:
Lecture notes

  1. Cerveny, V. (1981): Seismic Wave Fields in Structurally Complicated Media (Ray and Gaussian Beam Approaches). Lecture notes, Vening Meinesz Laboratory, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Utrecht.
  2. Cerveny, V. (1987): Ray Methods for Three-Dimensional Seismic Modelling. Lecture notes, Continuing Education Course, Univ. Trondheim, NTH and Mobil Exploration Norway Inc., Trondheim.
  3. Cerveny, V. (1993): The Wave Phenomena in Complex Three-dimensional Structures. Lecture Notes (358 pages + 12 appendices), Japan National Oil Corporation, Technology Research Center, Mihama-ku, Japan.
  4. Cerveny, V. (1994): Seismic Wave Fields in Complex Three-Dimensional Structures. Lecture notes (358 pages in 2 volumes), Nat. Cent. Univ., Chung-li, Taiwan.
  5. Cerveny, V. (1995): Seismic Wave Fields in Three-Dimensional Isotropic and Anisotropic Structures. Lecture notes (545 pages), Univ. Trondheim, Norway.

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