Vlastislav Cerveny:
Chapters in books

  1. Cerveny, V. (1985): The application of ray tracing to the numerical modeling of seismic wavefields in complex structures. In: Dohr, G. (ed.): Seismic Shear Waves, Part A: Theory, pp. 1-124, Geophysical Press, London.
  2. Cerveny, V. (1987): Ray tracing algorithms in three-dimensional laterally varying layered structures. In: Nolet, G. (ed.): Sesmic Tomography, D. Reidel publ.Co., Dordrecht, pp. 99-133. GIF150, PDF300
  3. Cerveny, V., Klimes, L. & Psencik, I. (1988): Complete seismic-ray tracing in three-dimensional structures. In: Doornbos, D.J. (ed.), Seismological Algorithms, pp. 89-168, Academic Press, New York. GIF150, PDF300
  4. Cerveny, V. (1989): Seismic ray theory. In: James, D.E. (ed.): Encyclopedia of Geophysics, pp. 1098-1108, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

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