Petr Bulant

Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
Mail address: KG MFF UK, V Holešovičkách 747/2, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic
Mobile phone: (+420) 777697258


December 7, 1970, Praha, Czech Republic.



Areas of research interests:

Seismic wave propagation, computational seismology and theoretical geophysics, numerical modelling of seismic wavefields and their properties, especially construction of velocity models suitable for ray tracing, two-point ray tracing and travel time calculation, wavefront tracing, weak anisotropy. Development of seismic software for validation and testing purposes.

Topics for bachelor theses:

Long-term visits:

International conferences:

Oral (O) or poster (P) presentations at the SEG Annual Meeting in Houston (1999) (O), San Antonio (2001) (O) (O), Salt Lake City (2002) (O), and Denver (2010) (O), at the EAGE Conference in Amsterdam (1996) (O), Geneva (1997) (P), Helsinki (1999) (P), Amsterdam (2001) (O), Florence (2002) (O), Stavanger (2003) (P) (P), and Vienna (2006) (P), at the Int. Congress of SBGf Rio de Janeiro (2007) (O) (O) (O), Salvador (2009) (O), Rio de Janeiro (2011) (O), and Rio de Janeiro (2017) (O) (O), at the Workshop meeting on seismic waves in laterally inhomogeneous media in Trest (1995) (O), Zahradky (2000) (O), and Hruba Skala (2005) (O), at the Workshop meeting active and passive seismics in laterally inhomogeneous media in Loucen (2015) (O), and Zeliv (2022) (O), at the International workshop on seismic anisotropy in Tutzing (2002) (O), Austin (2016) (O), and Jerusalem (2018) (O), at the EAGE Vibroseis Workshop 2008 in Prague (2008) (P), at the IASPEI General Assembly 2009 in Cape Town (2009) (O), at the General Conference of the European Physical Society in London (1999) (P), at the International Conference "East Meets West" in Cracow (1998) (O), and at the EUROMECH Colloquium 540 "Advanced Modelling of Wave Propagation in Solids" in Prague (2012) (P).


Research projects and international activities:

Selected publications:

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