C One-purpose FORTRAN77 code to read the results calculated by CRT C and by ANRAY and to generate the table comparing the results. C Coded by Petr Bulant CHARACTER*80 FQI,FANR1,FANR2,FTAB,FILSEP READ(*,*) FILSEP CALL RSEP1(5,FILSEP) CALL RSEP3T('QILST',FQI,' ') CALL RSEP3T('ANRTIM1',FANR1,' ') CALL RSEP3T('ANRTIM2',FANR2,' ') CALL RSEP3T('TABLEICR',FTAB,' ') OPEN(1,FILE=FQI) OPEN(2,FILE=FANR1) OPEN(3,FILE=FANR2) OPEN(4,FILE=FTAB) READ(1,*) A WRITE(4,*) ' /' 10 CONTINUE READ(1,*,END=100) IREC,TISO,T1,T2,DTL1,DTL2,DTQ1,DTQ2,DTQ3 READ(2,*,END=100) IREC,T1A READ(3,*,END=100) IREC,T2A WRITE(4,'(1I3,1X,8(1F9.6,1X))') * IREC,TISO,DTL1,DTL2,DTQ1,DTQ2,T1A-T1,T2A-T2,DTQ3 GOTO 10 100 CONTINUE CLOSE(1) CLOSE(2) CLOSE(3) WRITE(4,*) ' /' CLOSE(4) END INCLUDE 'sep.for' INCLUDE 'error.for' INCLUDE 'length.for'