Released versions of package NET

1.00 (1992, October): First released version. Includes optimization of forward-star sizes. No reasonable check for the computational volume or free space. 1.10 (1992, December): Input and output of forward stars enabled. Optional print of the numbers of template forward-star nodes. Important changes in subroutines SOURCE, GENER, and SRCREC, concerning free space and the computational (Fresnel) volume indexing. 1.20 (1993, January): Subroutines reordered and now listed. Name of the data file read from the * unit instead of the whole data file. Subroutine SETERR: evaluation of the negative travel-time error bound fixed. Subroutines OPTNFS, OPTMAT, and TRYMAT: considerable improvements with influence on the forward-star sizes. Subroutines TRACER, ONERAY, and SLOW: other corrections. The version likely able to properly consider free space, and computational (e.g. Fresnel) volume indexing. Complemented with demo-data package 'MOD-NET', ver.1.00. 1.30 (1993, April): Initial travel-time errors at source points enabled. WRTOUT: new subroutine with the code to generate the output files containing calculated grid values. Subroutine SETERR: evaluation of travel-time errors fixed. Subroutine OPTNFS: estimation of optimum forward-star sizes improved (according to Klimes and Kvasnicka, 1994). 1.40 (1993, June): Fatal formal array-indexing error in subroutine MIXDER fixed (error had no influence on the numerical results). Subroutine WRTOUT: null values generated in place of undefined grid values, and other minor changes. 2.00 (1994, August): Program 'net.for' merged with demo-data package 'MOD-NET' and extended to program package 'NET'. 'net.for': Subroutines SLOW and POS corrected. *** New input/output formats of points and rays. *** Error messages, previously generated by statements like STOP 'Error...', are now generated by PAUSE 'Error...' followed by the STOP statement, in order to suspend the batch files in the case of error. Some changes intended for future extensions has been made. Subroutine WRTOUT replaced by subroutine WARRAY of the 'MODEL' package, and then the following two files have been split off: 'array.for': Subroutines replacing subroutine WRTOUT. Common with package 'MODEL'. 'eigen.for': Subroutine EIGEN of the IBM Scientific Subroutine Package. 'mod-*.dat': Data files revised to correspond to Sec.6.3 of Klimes and Kvasnicka (1994). *** new ***: 'fs-opt2.for', 'fs-opt3.for', 'fs-mcir2.for', 'fs-msph3.for', 'fs-msqr2.for', 'fs-mcub3.for': New programs to generate 2-D or 3-D template forward stars. 'n2-*.dat': Demo data files related to Sec.6.2 of Klimes and Kvasnicka (1994). 'netind.for': Program to generate index files specifying Fresnel volumes. 'fv.bat', 'vgr-mod.dat', 'fv-*.dat': Batch file and demo data to perform iterative two-point network ray tracing in Fresnel volumes. 3.00 (1997, October): *** probably not all changes are listed here *** 'forms.doc': renamed to 'formsdoc.htm' and moved to package FORMS. 'net.for': Reading grid values and writing integer grid values through subroutines RARRAY, RARRAI, WARRAI. 'array.for': Renamed to 'forms.for', updated, supplemented with subroutines FORM1 and FORM2, moved to package FORMS. All error descriptions moved towards the corresponding reporting statements. *** new ***: Files converted from UPPERCASE to both UpperCase and LowerCase (for better reading and Unix systems). Fortran files supplemented with HTML references. All files with main programs supplemented with the INCLUDE statements to include all files with called subroutines to simplify the compilation and linking considerably. '*.inc': Include files with COMMON blocks. INCLUDE statement introduced for COMMON blocks. SAVE statement is now used consistently for COMMON blocks 'net.for', '': Automatic memory allocation according to '' of package FORMS. 'net.for': Automatic determination of the maximum f.s. size NFSMAX (for NFSMAX=0 on input) added. Otherwise (NFSMAX>0), network ray tracing remains identical to Ver.2.00. 'net.for', 'ttt.for': 2-D grid travel-time tracing of the second order according to the paper by Klimes (1996) added for testing purposes (NFSMAX=-1). 'net.for','netind.for': Grid dimensions specified by SEP parameter file. 3.10 (1998, October): All error messages in the Fortran files, previously generated by statements like PAUSE 'Error ...', are now generated by CALL ERROR('...') in order to enable to fit the error handling for a particular computer by editting file 'error.for' (the date of subroutines not updated). Most warning messages in the Fortran files, previously generated by statements like PAUSE 'Warning ...', are now generated by CALL WARN('...'). 'eigen.for': *** Moved to package FORMS. *** 'netdoc.htm' split into 'netdoc.htm', 'netver.htm' and 'fv/netfv.htm', list of files moved to 'net.htm'. 'net.for': *** Input data changed. *** Minor corrections: now checking for positive grid intervals, fixing integer overflow when determining the maximum size of forward stars. '': Comments updated. 'netind.for': *** Input data changed. *** Memory allocation and division of big bricks into small bricks controlled with help of ''. *** Optimization of iterations further automatized. *** 'len-src.dat' and 'len-rec.dat' renamed to 'lenn-src.dat' and 'lenn-rec.dat' to avoid the filename collision with package CRT. *** new *** All MS-DOS batch files '*.bat' and Unix scripts '*' replaced by corresponding Perl scripts '*.pl' or by history files '*.h' containing the lines specifying how to run the programs.