References to SW3D papers related to individual models of package DATA

Model with a lenticular inclusion (LEN)

Preliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM)

Model with homogeneous layers (ELF1, MI)

Salt dome models (SD1 and SD2)

Model with interface slitted by a curved vertical fault (SLIT)

Western Bohemia a priori model (WB2)

Model of a real geological structure (L7)

Gridded 2-D Marmousi model (MAR)

Unconformity 2-D model (U2D)

1-D model (RM)

Weakly anisotropic models (QI, QIH, QI2, QI4, QI8, SC1_I, SC1_II, KISS and ORT)

Sample synthetic 3-D model (98)

1-D anisotropic "twisted crystal" model (TC)

Simple smooth 3-D model (N2)

2-D representation of the Kummer random medium (RAN)

2-D model with a salt body (HES)

1-D constant velocity gradient model (VGR)

SEG/EAGE Salt Model (SAL)

2-D model Pluto 1.5 (PLU)

Computation of R/T coefficients

Models of the Cotton Valley site (CV)

Model with planar interfaces (EX)

Correlation functions of random media (CORFUN)

2-D model P1I with reflection surfaces (P1I)

Smooth 2-D model P1

Simple models to test the Born approximation