Description of the program  A N R A Y G S E

 Program ANRAYGSE is designed to read the synthetic seismograms written
in the form of file LU8 of package ANRAY and to write them in the
GSE format.

 Refer to the file 'synfan.htm' for the description of file LU8.

 Subroutines WGSE1, WGSE2 and WGSE3 of the file 'gse.for' of package
FORMS are used for writing the output GSE file.

 Note: the receiver coordinates cannot be simply read from file LU8.
For vertical receiver profiles, the output GSE file contains the
"coordinate of the receiver" written as the X3 receiver coordinate,
and X1 and X2 are undefined. In this case X3 corresponds to "model"
z-coordinate.   For horizontal profiles, X3 remains undefined and
the "coordinate of the receiver" is written to both X1 and X2, but it
need not correspond to "model" x- or y-coordinate.

Description of data files:

Input data read from the standard input device (*):
    The data are read by the list directed input (free format) and
    consist of a single string 'SEP':
    'SEP'... String in apostrophes containing the name of the input
            SEP parameter or history file with the input data.
    No default, 'SEP' must be specified and cannot be blank.

Input data file 'SEP':
    File 'SEP' has the form of the SEP parameter file.
    The parameters, which do not differ from their defaults,
    need not be specified in file 'SEP'.
Names of input and output files:
    LU8='string'... Name of the input formatted file with the
            seismograms written in the form of file LU8 of package
            ANRAY.  Refer to the file 'synfan.htm' for the
            description of file LU8.
            Default: LU8='lu8.out'
    SS='string'... String with the name of the output data file
            with the seismograms in the GSE data exchange format.
            Generated just if SS.NE.' '.
            Refer to the file 'gse.for' for the description of the
            GSE data exchange format.
            Default: SS='ss.gse'
    TSHIFT=real... Time shift of the GSE seismograms in seconds.
            Default: TSHIFT=0.
    IRECNAM=integer... Integer switch for receiver names generation.
            For IRECNAM=1, the individual traces read from file LU8 are
            sequentially named as 'rec001','rec002',... and so on; the
            names are written to the otput GSE file SS.
            Default: IRECNAM=0 (no names generated)
    GSEWIDTH=positive integer... Width of the output field reserved
            for one integer value of the seismogram. Refer to the
            description in file 'gse.for'.