Zero-offset ray tracing in the smoothed Marmousi model

This is an example of the zero-offset ray tracing.

The calculation is performed in the smoothed Marmousi model obtained by running the history file 'mar-inv.h', see the description mar-inv.htm.

The initial surface (exploding reflector) corresponds to the velocity discontinuity in the lower part of the original "hard" Marmousi model. The points at the initial surface have been found using the program grdiso.for:

The initial surface is then interpolated by B-splines, see the data file RPAR.

The receivers are located at the Earth's surface, the distance between the receivers is 80 m. The two-point ray tracing from the initial surface to the receivers is managed by history file mar-crtz.h. The history file generates also a plot of the calculated zero-offset two-point rays:

A picture of two-point rays (red lines) together with the auxiliary rays (black lines) may be also generated (click on the picture for larger view):