Gaussian packet migration in the Marmousi model

This is an example of Gaussian packet migration in the Marmousi model, based on the paper Zacek, K. (2005): Gaussian packet prestack depth migration, In: Seismic Waves in Complex 3-D Structures, Report 15, pp. 29-48.

To run the calculation, compile packages FORMS, CRT and MODEL, and then compile programs GPANAL, GPSTEP and GPMIG using, e.g., Perl script ''.

In addition to the ASCII data files located in the directory '/data/mar', the binary files 'seis-001.h@' to 'seis-005.h@' are required. For full calculation of all 240 shots the files 'seis-006.h@' to 'seis-240.h@' are also required. Each file must be extracted from the corresponding GZIPped file 'seis-???.gz' located in directory 'bin' using the command gzip -d -a -N seis-???.gz .

The migration consists of calculation of amplitudes of Gaussian packets using the history file 'gpaxxx.h', and the Gaussian packet migration itselve running the history file 'gpmxxx.h'.