C Auxiliary storage locations for local model parameters: FAUX(10), C G(12),GAMMA(18),GSQRD, UP(10),US(10),RO,QP,QS, VP,VS,VD(10),QL: C INCLUDE 'auxmod.inc' C ------------------------------------------------------------------ REAL G(12),GAMMA(18),GSQRD,FAUX(10) REAL UP(10),US(10),RO,QP,QS,VP,VS,VD(10),QL COMMON/AUXMOD/ G,GAMMA,GSQRD,FAUX,UP,US,RO,QP,QS,VP,VS,VD,QL C ------------------------------------------------------------------ C G,GAMMA,GSQRD... See subroutine METRIC of the file 'metric.for'. C FAUX... Auxiliary array to store a functional value and its C derivatives. C UP,US,RO,QP,QS... See subroutine PARM2 of the file 'parm.for'. C UP,US,QP,QS,VP,VS,VD,QL... See subroutine VELOC of the file C 'model.for'. C C These auxiliary variables and arrays need not be located in a C common block. There is no reason to locate them in the auxiliary C common block /AUXMOD/ but to share the memory. C C Common block /AUXMOD/ may utilized in any subroutine calling C subroutines METRIC, SURF2, PARM2 or VELOC. C C Date: 1996, July 8 C Coded by Ludek Klimes C C======================================================================= C