C INCLUDE 'scropc.inc' C ------------------------------------------------------------------ INTEGER JWAVE REAL HMIN,HMAX,VMIN,VMAX,WIDTH REAL H1A,H1B,H2A,H2B,V2A,V2B,V3A,V3B,H1OLD,H2OLD,V2OLD,V3OLD COMMON/SCROC/HMIN,HMAX,VMIN,VMAX,WIDTH,H1A,H1B, * H2A,H2B,V2A,V2B,V3A,V3B,H1OLD,H2OLD,V2OLD,V3OLD,JWAVE SAVE /SCROC/ C ------------------------------------------------------------------ C HMIN, HMAX... Horizontal coordinates of the vertical boundaries of C the plotting area in the plot coordinates. C The leftmost 1/4 of the screen area is reserved for the C text output. C VMIN, VMAX... Vertical coordinates of the horizontal boundaries of C the plotting area in the plot coordinates. C WIDTH...Estimated thickness of the plotted line. C H1A,H1B,H2A,H2B,V2A,V2B,V3A,V3B... Auxiliary variables: C Coefficients of the linear functions projecting general C coordinates of a point on a ray to the plot coordinates. C H1OLD,H2OLD,V2OLD,V3OLD... Auxiliary variables: positions of the C projections of the last point of a ray to the screen in C plot coordinates. C JWAVE...Storage location for iwave mediated from the subroutine C SCRO1 to SCRO2. C C Common block /SCROC/ is included in FORTRAN 77 source code file C 'scropc.for'. C C Date: 1996, July 8 C Coded by Ludek Klimes C C======================================================================= C