C INCLUDE 'raycb.inc' C ------------------------------------------------------------------ REAL YLRC(6),YYRC(5),DELT11,DELT13,DELT33 INTEGER IYRC(12) COMMON/RAYC/YLRC,YYRC,IYRC,DELT11,DELT13,DELT33 C ------------------------------------------------------------------ C YLRC,YYRC,IYRC... Working copies of the arrays YL,YY,YI. C DELT11,DELT13,DELT33... Deviations (in absolute values of the two C computed basis vectors of the ray-centred coordinate C system from the conditions of orthonormality, see C C.R.T.5.8.2d. C C Common block /RAYC/ is included in FORTRAN 77 source code files C 'raycb.for'. C It is intended for communication between RAYCB, FCT, and OUTP. C C Date: 1996, July 8 C Coded by Ludek Klimes C C======================================================================= C