C INCLUDE 'initd.inc' C ------------------------------------------------------------------ INTEGER INIDIM,INIPAR REAL X1INI,X2INI,X3INI,TTINI,ADVANC COMMON/INISC/INIDIM,INIPAR,X1INI,X2INI,X3INI,TTINI,ADVANC SAVE /INISC/ C ------------------------------------------------------------------ C INIDIM,INIPAR,ADVANC... Input data (2) of 'init.for'. C X1INI,X2INI,X3INI,TTINI... Input data (3A) of 'init.for' if they C are defined. C C Common block /INISC/ is included in subroutines INIS1 and INIS2 C in order to communicate the input data to the subroutine INIS2. C C Date: 1996, July 8 C Coded by Ludek Klimes C C======================================================================= C