C INCLUDE 'code.inc' C ------------------------------------------------------------------ INTEGER MKODE PARAMETER (MKODE=128) INTEGER KODTYP,KODE(MKODE) COMMON /COD/ KODTYP,KODE SAVE /COD/ C ------------------------------------------------------------------ C KODTYP..Determines the type of the code, see the input data (2). C KODE... Array containing the code of the elementary wave. C The code is a finite sequence of nonzero integers. C Zero indicates the end of a code. C C Common block /COD/ is included in external procedures COD1, CODE, C WRIT1 of 'code.for', and may be included in any other subroutine. C If MKODE is changed, it must be adjusted in all subroutines which C include common block /COD/. C C Date: 1996, July 8 C Coded by Ludek Klimes C C======================================================================= C