Displaying 3-D objects in seismology using PEX library

Vaclav Bucha


Interactive computer program to display Fortran list-directed format data sets with simple graphic primitives (points, lines, areas and texts, described in forms.doc, SW3D software package MODEL) which may assemble complex 3-D seismological objects, is described. Powerful tool for 3-D visualising in the X Window System, graphic library PEX (C language binding), is used.

Fig.1. Map representing the test refraction data set from Western Bohemia. (8 kB)

Fig.2. Detailed part of the figure 1 after interactive zooming and panning over. (7 kB)

Fig.3. Surface P wave velocities of Western Bohemia a priori model. (29 kB)

Acta Montana, Series A, 11 (104), 59-63.
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