Reflection ray tracing in lignite seam model "COAL"

Vaclav Bucha


Faulted 2-D lignite seam velocity model "COAL", that represents possible situation in lignite basin, is studied. Ray paths and travel times of twenty specified reflected and converted P and S waves were computed (SW3D software packages MODEL and CRT). Four sources x1=100, 200, 300, 400 [m] located at the surface were used. Ray quantities were computed for 126 receivers located at the surface with interval of 4 meters. Report also compares finite difference seismograms (PS2 scheme of Zahradnik and Priolo, 1995) with travel times.

Fig.1. Model "COAL". (4 kB)

Fig.2. Example of ray paths of P-wave reflected by the fourth, the second and the third interface (source at x=100m). (5 kB)

NATO SfS GR-COAL project: Development of a methodology for assessing coal reserves employing surface and borehole seismic techniques, Report 1, Inst. of Rock Structure and Mechanics, Prague.
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