Refraction 3-D seismic measurements in Western Bohemia

Vaclav Bucha , Ludek Klimes , Vladimir Dvorak , Zdena Sykorova


Kraslice region is a seismically active part of the Bohemian Massif. In the region, the occurrence of earthquakes is typical in swarms yielding huge amount of data related to the source mechanism. Thus the region has been payed a great attention of Czech and German seismologists. The region is situated between the KTB borehole (FRG) and the MVE seismic refraction profile (FRG) measured during the autumn 1990. Aim of the study is to determine what features of the 3-D geologic structure of the region may be recognized from the refraction data already collected by the Geofyzika Brno, Institute of Geotechnics of Czechosl.Acad.Sci and Geophysical Institute of Czechosl.Acad.Sci. during the explosions along profiles A/89, B/89, HR9/91 and C/91 of the Geofyzika Brno Company.

Fig.1. Travel times t sorted according to their length (colours represent relative velocity according to the homogeneous model in Western Bohemia). (33 kB)

Proc. of: XXIII General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission, Praha, 155-158.
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